Friday, 30 March 2012

April New Media Breakfast - The new Facebook Timeline Pages explored

27th April 2012
29 Members Club, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

Facebook Timeline for pages has arrived and as from the 30th March all Facebook Pages will be transferred to the new timeline layout.  The changes are radical and will mean every page user has to adapt to the new layout and, the new functionality.  In some cases, this will mean a fundamental change in the way people operate their pages and for some it may mean they are not able to do some of the things they have done with their page in the past.

The new timeline layout is very different and the new functionality offers many new opportunities for businesses and brands to engage with their communities.  The New Media Breakfast will highlight the changes to the pages and explore the ways that you can take advantage of the new timeline layout and the new functionality.

fatBuzz has been busy over the past month changing the layouts for around 100 pages that we manage for clients; we will use some of these to demonstrate what you can do to engage and reach out to your community.  We will show you live examples of what others are doing on their pages and provide some ideas to help you promote your page and grow your community.

We will look at the following:
  • Branding
  • Tabs and iFrame Pages
  • Using the timeline
  • New functionality
  • Liking, Commenting, Sharing and Tagging
  • Photos and Video
  • Syndicating content to your page
  • Insights
  • Advertising
  • SEO
The presentation will also take a look at Facebook Insights and show you how you can use the information available from Facebook to track the effectiveness of your activity and your individual posts.

We will take a fresh look at the impact and potential impact of Facebook on SEO. These are not specifically as a result of the new Timeline layout but we will take the opportunity to update you about the changes and how to maximise the SEO value of your Facebook activity.

We are also keen to answer any questions you may have about the new Facebook Pages or, Facebook in general so, please feel free to send us any questions in advance to or post them as a comment on the blog or on the New Media Breakfast Facebook page.

The Facebook Timeline breakfast will be presented by Gordon White, Managing Director, fatBuzz Ltd and Tim Barlow, Managing Director of Attacat.

Venue: 29 Member's Club, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow
Date: Friday 27th April 2012
Time: 7.30am for 8am
Cost: £10 +VAT

No.29 Members Go Free – If you are a 29 Member you can attend the breakfast free of charge. Please email with you membership number and he will add you to the attendance list.

We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day.


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