Monday, 18 October 2010

Social Media Podcast 27 Now available...

On Social Media Podcast 27, Gordon White, Kyle Murdoch (fatBuzz) and Iain Murray (ConnectedFM) explore various Twitter related platforms like, TweetMeme, and many others.  We also talk about Linked-In Signal, the new Digg, Google and StumbleUpon.

Iain Murray tells us about his recent social media strategy to promote ConnectedFM at the Total Workplace Management conference in London and how he used a mixture of conventional advertising and networking with social media.

For the first time we are featuring an unreleased band, Unique Nights from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is something we will do in future so, if you are a singer, songwriter or band, please send us your track and links to your web site and we'll get you on the podcast.

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