Monday, 4 October 2010

Probably my toughest ever challenge!

On Thursday night this week I will take on probably one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced when I take to the floor of the Hilton's Ball Room to do a stand up comedy turn in front of around 500 people.  The events is the annual "Hottest Night of the Year" organised by Charan Gill but, this year is has been renamed the "Funniest Night of the Year".

But I'm not alone, I suspect it's an equally daunting challenge for the three other contestants; Gaynor Turner, Lorraine Herbison and Jack Konopate.  I salute each of them for agreeing to do something so far outside their comfort zone that it beggars belief.  We will each do approximately five minutes stand up in front of a live audience and a panel of expert judges.

The wonderfully funny Janey Godley has been mentoring each of us for the event however, there's only so much one woman can do!  I know Gaynor, Lorraine and Jack will join me in thanking her for giving up her valuable time to make this event happen.

However, the toughness of the challenge is insignificant in comparison to that of the people affected by the cause we are rising funds for, The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice. The patients and staff at the hospice face far greater challenges every day in life.  That's why my three fellow contestants and myself are "happy" to take on this challenge.

We have each been allocated a text voting code which is in operation now.  Each text costs £1 and the proceeds go to the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

I would personally like you all to vote for me however, in the interests of fairness, and more importantly to raise as much as we can for the hospice, I have listed each contestants voting codes below.  If you don't know who to vote for, you can simply vote for each of us, there is no limit to the number of votes you place!

I am asking you to do two things to support us:

• Vote for at least one of us, at least once.
• Share this blog with all of your contacts either by using the Twitter or Facebook link below.  

Better still, share it on both - the more you share it, the more we will all raise for the hospice, that will make it worth the sleepless nights Gaynor, Lorraine, Jack and myself are having this week.

Here are the voting details:

Text Hot Gordon to 82055
Text Hot Jack to 82055
Text Hot Gaynor to 82055
Text Hot Lorraine to 82055

One or two people have asked if there are still tickets available for the event and the answer is YES.  If you would like to come along you should contact Kylie Forrest by email or, by telephone on01698 459966k

Please, please, please share this page.



  1. We are going to try and video each of the contestants and, with their approval, we will make it available here on the blog. So, don't worry if you can't be there, you may still get the chance to see us.

    Meantime, please remember to share this blog post with all your contacts.


  2. Well done to you all Gordon, I am sure that I will be falling of my seat (one way or the other)at the event (;>). See you Thursday regards

  3. I am almost sorry I am on holiday, I hope you manage to video everyone so I can see the blog ! Good luck to you all !!