Saturday, 21 August 2010

Are you a Blogger or a Jogger?

We were working with two of our chosen charities yesterday (with Kids and Revive MS Support) talking about social media and how they can use various tools to engage and communicate with staff, volunteers, clients, and donors. 

During lunch, we were discussing jogging and some of the people who had completed 10k and half marathons for the charities and one of the girls commented that she could never do such a thing.  In response, I said this was all right because she could make her own contribution by blogging instead of jogging.

The comment served as a useful example to all present that the world is made up of lots of different kinds of people; active people who like to get involved and do physical stuff either for fun or, to raise much needed funds for their chosen charities.  Less active people, like myself, might not throw on the running shoes and do a marathon but we can still play an effective part in the whole fundraising process.

Writing blogs, sharing fundraising news on Facebook and sending out Tweets about the exploits of others is a very valuable contribution; by doing this you immediately widen the reach of the particular persons efforts to include your community and that of anyone who in turn shares it over again.  It's for that very reason that I have been happy to talk about and share information on Kenneth Martin's kidney transplant and his appeal to raise funds for Yorkhill Hospital.  I see, via the Just Giving page, many of my friends have made donations to the appeal and I thank them for that and, it proves the point that blogging, tweeting, and sharing his story on Facebook has made a difference to the appeal.

So, if you're not inclined to scale a building, run a marathon or zip slide off the Forth Road Bridge don't be too hard on yourself, you can play a valuable role by talking to your community about those who do.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Welcome to Lynsey - proof that the "Weaving" industry is alive and well in Scotland

We have a new member in the fatBuzz Team.  We are delighted to introduce Lynsey Wight as the latest addition to the fatBuzz Team.  Lynsey studied marketing and has worked as an account manager with Lloyds TSB and Hewlett Packard.  Lynsey not only impressed us with her knowledge and enthusiasm, she displayed all the right characteristics to be a perfect fit with the fatBuzz culture - read into that what you will!

I was thinking about Lynsey's new job title the other day when I came across the perfect description of her role; I was reading "The Networked Nonproft" by Beth Kanter & Allison Fine in which she describes the role of a 'Social Network Weaver'.  This is an extract from her description:

"Network Weaving activities include

Facilitating authentic conversations that are meaningful to participants. Sometimes these conversations are actionable, and other times they are simply to build relationships.

Sharing resources, links, and information without any expectation of a direct return from that person.

Building relationships with network members by doing things like linking to their blog posts and commenting on blogs, friending them online social networks, and celebrating their contributions.

Working with many different people on multiple channels such as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and even on land at face-to-face meetings

Treating all members of the network as equals regardless of their formal organisational position.

Inviting people with different points of view into conversations, and facilitating those conversations so those points of view can be shared.

Network weavers provide reasons for people to care about causes and organisations. They shape conversation and identify specific ways for people to help...Network weaving is a crucially important aspect of effective social media usage. When we describe the specific ways that organisations can use social media to advance their efforts...weaving the network becomes of paramount importance to organisational success."

Beth and Allison's description is exactly what Lynsey will be doing for our clients - she will be a Network Weaver.  I'm sure you will all join me in welcoming Lynsey to fatBuzz and if you would like to contact her with your own welcome message please feel free to drop her a line at

Thank you to Beth and Alison for providing such a clear description of the role Lynsey will play for fatBuzz clients.  I strongly recommend "The Networked Nonproft" to everyone, whether you work in the nonprofit sector or not.

A selfless act worthy of our support

Kenneth Martin of Block Architects continues to amaze us with his selfless acts. Not only is he donating a kidney to his father to improve his quality of life, he is using the whole experience to help York Hill Hospital buy equipment that will help kids in a similar situation.

Kenneth is asking for people to donate to his kidney operation appeal, he is also organising other fundraising events such as the online art auction currently running on his blog. We are truly humbled by his efforts and wish him and his father a speedy recovery.

I know that Kenneth is particularly busy at the moment and, as a business operator, I can appreciate the disruption to his busy working life is considerable but he is not only doing this willingly but also with incredible enthusiasm. I would ask you all to take a look at Kenneth's blog and lend your support. Even if you can't manage any financial donation, I'm sure Kenneth will welcome comments and best wishes for him and his father.

The date for my kidney donation to my dad has arrived. We would love to raise some money pre and post operation for Yorkhill. Click here to read more.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Social Media Podcast Edition 24 - Sallie Goetsch talks about her work

In Edition 24 we are privileged to have Sallie Goetsch join us for a chat about her work and the current social media climate in the US.

Sallie is co-founder of Podcast Asylum, owner of The Author-izer and the Fileslinger Backup Blog.  She is also a ghost writer (having written her first novel at the age of 19). a linguist with special expertise in Latin and Greek and, she is a regular speaker at podcasting and social media conferences.

Sallie talks about her work with Podcast Asylum, Filesliger Backup Blog and Strategic Name Development, giving us an insight about her work in social media.  We also discuss the current podcasting and social media climate in the US and talk about her guest hosting on the FIR (For Immediate Release) podcast when she fills in for her good friend Shel Holtz.

You can download and subscribe to the Social Media Podcast here

Play the podcast here:

Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Media Breakfast topic - Blogging

Glasgow - 27th August at No.29 at 8am 

Edinburgh - 16th September at The Tower Restaurant - at 8am

The next New Media Breakfast dates have now been set and we have decided to have a look at Blogging. Blogs are an important element in online activity and, in lots of cases, they can become the hub of your social networking activity. We will talk about the benefits of a good blog and what they can achieve. We will also take a look at different types of blogs and explore how you can use blogs for different types of communication.

We will look at how to create a blog and, what options are available for people wanting to have a good blog presence. We will explore some of the functionality you can add to your blog to make it more appealing to readers. This will include the ability to automatically share your blog content on other social networking platforms.

Other areas we will consider include; multiple-authoring, guest authors, attracting readers and, how to encourage comments.

The New Media Breakfast Glasgow is on the 27th August at No.29, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow. You can book your place below.

This event is complimentary to 29 Members - If you are a member you should email Malcolm to reserve your place

Monday, 2 August 2010

Kenneth Martin is fundraising for Yorkhill Children's Foundation

The fatBuzz team will be supporting Kenneth Martin of Block Architects, as he under goes his kidney donation to his father.

On the 25th August 2010, Kenneth will donate a kidney to a man (his dad) which all going well will afford him the luxury of participating in the lives of his 3 young grand daughters. It will also afford my 2 daughters Olivia and Ava, and his young niece Elissa with the luxury of knowing that their grandfather can now do simple things with them like take them to the swimming baths.

In order to afford this luxury to others, his family have decided to raise funds both pre and post operation to assist Yorkhill Children's Charity. The proceeds will assist other families and children with renal difficulties and offer them some hope with their troubles.

Kenneth will be in hopsital for approximately 1 week and has been told to 'take it easy' for a few weeks afterwards. If anyone has any daring activities that they would like to see him participate in post operation then please contact Kenneth on his facebook page.

You can also contact Kenneth at his blog or his website