Saturday, 9 February 2013

Public, but not in the public domain...Digital Copyright explained in Social Media Podcast 50

It's been too long since the last podcast, that's something we're going to rectify in 2013.  Due to pressure of work, we've struggled to get the whole team together since the start of the year to record Social Media Podcast 50.

To make sure we get more podcasts released in future we're going to vary the format; we will still have the team together whenever we can but we'll add some interview editions and, we'll add in some solo podcasts on specific topics.

For those of you expecting the 'big 50' edition our apologies, we haven't been able to get together to do it but we need to move on so we'll celebrate when we get to 100 and, if things go to plane, that will be sooner rather than later!

In this edition Gordon White, Managing Director at fatBuzz Ltd, has a really interesting discussion with Austin Flynn, Partner at Morton Fraser and Sam Price, Associate at Morton Fraser.  I caught up with them in their Edinburgh office to discuss the use of images online and to find out a bit about Creative Commons Licenses.

Many people wrongly assume that if an image, video or music file is made public on the Internet it's in the public domain, Austin and Sam explain why this is not the case.  The discussion explores some of the myths and mistakes that people make when using images found on-line.  They also clarify the different types of Creative Commons Licenses and the restrictions that can apply even when you're buying images from photo libraries.

This is a very informative podcast well worth listening to if you every use images in your content.

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Play the podcast here:

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