Thursday, 22 December 2011

fatBuzz - A big FAT year!

It's been a really busy year for fatBuzz and now that we are moving into another year we thought we would highlight some changes that have taken place over the past 12 months.

Since our re-brand, we have moved to a smashing new office space in Kinning Park that acts as home to our ever expanding fatBuzz family.  Although the office is bigger than we were used to, the bigger space is needed as there are a few new faces that have been added to the fatBuzz family. This is in response to the development of relationships with existing clients in marketing, social media, design and events and, the addition of many new clients throughout the year.

In June Kirsty joined the team as our new Social Media Account Manager and only weeks ago we welcomed David, our new Web Developer. We also have Emma, our intern, working with us every Friday afternoon.

We would also like to thank Jennifer Holloway who has contributed some extremely popular content to this blog during 2011, we look forward to more insights into personal branding from Jennifer in 2012.

We've had the pleasure of working with many new clients including, Blackwood FoundationColordarcy, CommsWorldCumbernauld CollegeGrant PropertyKirkwood Fyfe, Miascape, Mister Singh'sMitchellsMorton FraserQD Events, Scotland Rugby LeagueSecuriGroup, The Booking RoomThe Golf Lounge and, Today's Great Deal. We are really looking forward to working with each of them in the new year.  In addition, we have around six new relationships to announce early in 2012.

We are also really delighted to see our existing clients developing their design and social media activities; an excellent example of this is evident in a recently written post about one of our clients, Deans. They have decided that with our initial help, support and guidance they are now confident and knowledgeable enough to take their Social Media Management in-house. It’s not the end of the relationship between fatBuzz and Dean’s; it’s the start of a new relationship - read the post to find out about our approach to guiding clients in social media.

Many people forget that as well as providing Social Media strategies to businesses, fatBuzz offer a full range of design expertise including Branding, Print Design, Web Design and Web Development. Things have been going particularly well with our design clients, so much so that David our new Web Developer has joined us to help with the hectic schedule and we are really excited about developing our list of clients in Web Development and Design in 2012.

Some of design projects that we have worked on throughout the year: John Dick & Son, Minoan Group, The Partners Suite, Vision OS, Orli Designs, The Beauty Cellar, Empire, Encore FS, With Kids, Gormac Coachworks,  Cancer Research UK and, With Kids

The New Media Breakfast has gone from strength to strength and we are really delighted with the previous 12 months and we are excited about the forthcoming year. Thank you to all our guest speakers with a special shout for Mitch Joel, CC Chapman, Paul Levinson and Donna Papacosta, all of whom contributed video content for the New Media Breakfast. The biggest thank you is of course reserved for all of you who attended a breakfast during the year, your support is greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to seeing you in 2012 for more bacon rolls, coffee and discussions on New Media developments and how they can be integrated into your business.

Not only have we been really busy with design, events and social media but Gordon has also been busy with a number of speaking engagements including SIE, The Entrepreneurial Exchange, The Event Organisers Conference, Elevate's Integrated Marketing Communications Seminar, Grampian Food Forum and B2BShowcase, Glasgow.

Our Social Media Podcast has enjoyed lots of success this year with subscription numbers continuing to increase and episodes reaching No.1 in the Audio Podcasting category on iTunes on more than one occasion.  A special thanks to Sallie Goetsch who has generously contributed to the podcast during the year. The series has reached an epic 41 episodes with our latest Christmas Episode available here. Gordon and Iain are STILL struggling to agree on anything! Will they ever?

It has been a busy year within our events department having organised numerous Charity events including the St Patrick's Day Ball and With Kids' Mid Summer Ball.

2012 is set to be another hectic year as we are planning St Patrick's Day 10th Anniversary Ball, The Rotary Club of Scotland's centenary Ball and we are delighted to have been appointed to organise 3 events for With Kids during 2012 - watch this space for more information on these and other events..

fatBuzz FLOWER
Our beloved fatBuzz Flowers continue to put smiles on our clients faces. Don't worry if you haven't yet received one, we haven't intentionally left you out... we'll get to you eventually! If you feel that you have been missed out, give us a nudge by letting us know on our Facebook page.

So it's fair to say it's been a pretty busy year for fatBuzz and we have enjoyed every second of it!  Here's to 2012 and all it has to bring. We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a truly wonderful New Year!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Why you should invest £1.49 ($2.30) in a QR Code Reader

QR Codes are becoming increasingly popular and brands are starting to realise the potential they offer for delivering something special to the user. There is generally a greater understanding and acceptance that the QR Code landing page has to deliver a positive experience for the user; QR Codes that simply take you to the landing page of your regular web site are generally a bit of a let down. However, a code that takes you to a relevant piece of video, discount voucher, podcast, free download, or something to do with a specific campaign will usually be a positive user experience.

Brands are also catching on to the ability to customise their QR Codes and make them more visibly appealing. However, there is a problem that may stifle creativity, sub standard QR Code Readers, or sub standard mobile devises or, a combination of both.

QR Codes can be altered substantially which allows us to be fairly creative with design and colour combinations however, it is frustrating that we have to design codes within the limitations of the hundreds of free QR Code Readers that simply don't do the job.

We generally test each code on eight different code readers; seven of them are free applications and one is a paid application (Optiscan) and we are not happy to release a design unless it scans on all seven of the free code readers. Invariably, we have to amend the design to ensure this will happen and in doing so we usually have to compromise our design.

It is also interesting to note that we have never seen a QR Code that doesn't scan in the paid app that does scan in the free apps. It is also worth noting that one of these free apps; i-nigma usually matches the performance of the paid app.

Here's a simple demonstration; we recently created the QR Code below as an experiment - the one on top scans perfectly using Optiscan and i-nigma but not the six other free apps. The one beneath it shows how much we had to "dim down" the design in order for it to work on the six other free apps. Try it on your scanner.

Therefore, you have a choice - invest in a decent QR Code Scanner such as Optiscan or, at the very least, get i-nigma.

Below you will see a selection of QR Codes we have created recently, if you would like to see them and others in more detail please click here to see them in out Facebook gallery.

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Take 2...4...6...8 - time to get Auto Cue

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera and this is something we at fatBuzz know only too well. Video production is an increasingly popular service that we provide to our clients and it is something we use a great deal ourselves.

It is a really effective method of engaging with customers as it gives the person viewing the video a real idea of who the people are behind your business. It also gives you the chance to get an engaging message across.

While filming our "Quick Buzz" series, we realised that we talked a big game, but were rather hopeless at some points, some of our team members soon saw how it was in some ways a lot harder to be infront of the camera, than behind it.

With this in mind, we came to the conclusion that creating our video content would be much easier if we had some sort of autocue equipment and software, so that we weren't trying to memorise every line. Malcolm and Kyle then sourced all the autocue equipment, which is incredibly easy to use, and makes our video footage even easier to capture.

To prove to you that we're not as perfect as you all may think, we have created our very own outtakes video, hope you enjoy...

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If you have any questions regarding video production or would like to use our Auto Cue service, please feel free to contact us

Friday, 16 December 2011

Social Media Podcast No.41 available now - Lots of Christmas banter and Edward Reid's single

Taking part in Social Media podcast Episode 41 we have Gordon White,  Kyle Murdoch Kirsty Hunter, and Iain Murray.  This is the "Christmas Episode" and, whilst we do go "off theme" once or twice, it is generally a Christmas edition.  There's the usual lively debate and a very special treat at the end - We have Britain's Got Talent's Edward Reid's Christmas Single recorded for Aberlour Child Care Trust.

We've put the single on the podcast so that you can listen before you buy!  Yes, we want you to go to iTunes and download the single - every single penny raised will go to help the children supported by the great work done by Aberlour.  So, as a favour to the Social Media Podcast team, please buy a copy of the single (or the full EP) it's well worth the money.

As with recent episodes I have listed the topics in a slightly different way the feedback seems to be that you liked this method of highlighting the various topics we argue about.

On Social Media Podcast No.41 we discuss the following:
  • The New Twitter Business Pages 
  • @SantasPage - a fatBuzz experiment
  • Twitter - Are brands truly engaged with their Twitter followers?
  • Twitter - the new mobile App
  • Google - The new home page layout
  • Google+ - The new fatBuzz Google+ Page
  • The "Big" Storm - #HurricaneBawBag
  • Heineken's Christmas Tree - The giant TV Tree in Singapore
  • John Lewis and Waitrose - A collaboration with QR Codes
  • Christmas Apps - "Deck the Screens", Charlie Brown & Christmas List
  • The Story of Christmas - A Social Network Christmas
  • Iain's 3 stupid gifts - Listen and judge for yourself!
  • Iain's new Samsung Galaxy - and the much better iPhone4S!!!
  • Adobe - No further development of Flash Player on mobile devices
  • Monitoring Social media during the holidays
  • The fatBuzz Winter Gift - we reveal what it is
  • Android open a store - in Australia! 
  • Portable North Pole TV - ideal for the kids this Christmas
  • Aberlour Child Care Trust - the Christmas single with Edward Reid
We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

Play the podcast here:

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Quick Buzzin' for Christmas

Here we have brought you latest addition to the Quick Buzz Series. "Quick Buzz" is a series of 30-60 second videos clips by fatBuzz bringing you news, events and updates from the world of Design, Marketing and Social Media. You can find these videos on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and of course our Blog

Here we have the newest member of the fatBuzz team, David, our new web developer. David tells us that it is important to not only make sure that your website is nice to look at, but easy for the visitor to use as well.

Here Kirsty takes us through one of the new changes to the business Facebook pages. During a normal day's work, Kirsty stumbled across a new app for facebook business pages. This app allows you to create discussion forum on your page.

Finally we have Gordon talking about how it is important to manage your linkedin content responsibly and courteously. In this video, Gordon gives a good example of a situation he was in, regarding his linkedin content, so he talks us through the correct process of dealing with your profile properly

That's all for now but keep and eye out for more Quick Buzzes from the fatBuzz Team.

If you have any questions about the topics mentioned above, or you have suggestions for a topic you would to hear in a future Quick Buzz, please let us know on our Facebook Page, and member of the team will get back to you. 

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

As the Giant Pandas arrive in Scotland, Dean’s is released into the wild…

Travelling North on Thursday I listened to the news story about the long awaited arrival of two giant pandas in Scotland, I wondered if we would ever see the day that a panda cub is released into it’s natural habitat to enjoy life in the wild. I realised the purpose of my trip had striking similarities to that scenario; I was going to visit Dean’s to start the transition from fatBuzz managing their social media to them doing it internally.

Dean’s now feel comfortable about managing their social media presence and I am confident that they will manage it and, continue to grow their highly engaged community. Dean’s is a great client, they listen to advice, they have embraced social media, they opted for an organic growth and, they committed to the plan – now they are reaping the rewards.

The main thrust of their social media presence are the blog, Facebook page and, Twitter. However, they are now starting to enjoy success with video content on YouTube and phenomenal download numbers from their video podcast on iTunes. They have also adopted tools such as QR Codes; they have perhaps one of the best examples you’ll see in their recently published Recipe Book (Try scanning this QR Code lifted from the Scottish Scones page in the book).

Dean’s opted for an organic growth in order to build a relevant community that wants to engage with the brand. Yes, we did run the odd competition but only if it was relevant to Dean’s product range. They were patient in the development of the community and they trusted the plan to attract fans and followers with good, interesting, relevant and, regular content; they avoided big giveaways and irrelevant promotions and that will now pay dividends.

Visits to the blog are very healthy and growing, “likes” on their Facebook page are increasing everyday, followers on Twitter are multiplying but the team at Dean’s are not overly concerned with numbers; they are rightly concentrating on relevance and engagement rather than big numbers. The number of shares, likes, tweets, re-tweets, tags and, comments are the important figures for them. They are open to suggestions and willing to try things; likewise, they have made great suggestions based on their increased understanding of social media and how it works. They are not afraid to try things, neither are they overly concerned if not all of the initiatives are a resounding success.

It’s not the end of the relationship between fatBuzz and Dean’s; it’s the start of a new relationship. Much like a wildlife expert may tag a newly released cub in order to track it’s progress and keep a watchful eye, fatBuzz will adopt a “watching” brief, helping them if they require it. Moreover, we will continue to provide social media marketing ideas and keep them abreast of new tools as they emerge.

A year ago when we first met Dean’s, we said our aim was to get them to a stage where they could manage their own social media; it’s something we say to every client and we mean it. The client will always be more knowledgeable and passionate about their product than we can ever be, our role is to show them how build a community and how to transmit that knowledge and passion in an engaging manner. We are genuinely happy that Dean’s have reached this stage and that we have played a small part in helping them on the road to social media success.

I am increasingly frustrated at the numerous reports, surveys and, “research” that suggest businesses are not benefiting from social media. Certain people seem all too ready to report failure – but we don’t conduct surveys or commission research because many people fail their driving test, what’s the difference? They’ve done something wrong and they’ve failed. I firmly believe any organisation that claims social media participation was a failure has done it badly. Usually, they didn’t understand it or have a clear reason for doing it, they didn’t have a strategy and, they weren’t truly committed to it.

Fortunately, more and more brands like Dean’s are emerging and they will be the winners and here’s why:
  • they have a clearly defined strategy
  • they have adopted social media as part of their overall communications strategy
  • they have an excellent content strategy
These are the reasons why Dean’s will succeed and, why they are now ready to be released into the very natural habitat that is social media.

Oh, I almost forgot, they have a great team and a world-beating product range - I wonder if pandas like shortbread!

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

fatBuzz just keeps getting fatter!

It's busy busy busy in the fatBuzz office, so much so that we have a welcomed new addition to the fatBuzz family. We are absolutely delighted to welcome David, our new web developer.

Let us introduce David:

"I've had a huge passion for the web and graphic design from a young age. For the last four Years I have worked on many freelance projects for web, apparel and identity for a selection of clients that include musicians, small companies, photographers and journalists.

I am very excited to be part of the fatBuzz team because I believe they provide an excellent service to their clients in all aspects of design, marketing and social media. I look forward to bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the web developing division of the team.  My main aim is to provide the clients with a unique, user friendly website that is aesthetically engaging and stands out from the rest; ensuring them a prominent presence on the web."

We would like to take this opportunity once again to welcome David to the team and we're all looking forward to what exciting new ideas he will bring to not only fatBuzz but our clients as well. 

It's been two weeks since David's first day in the fatBuzz HQ, and he has already proven to be a great addition to the growing fatBuzz team.

If you have any questions for David regarding web development, please don't hesitate to email him

And be sure to keep an eye out for some new and exciting websites very soon. 

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