Friday, 16 December 2011

Social Media Podcast No.41 available now - Lots of Christmas banter and Edward Reid's single

Taking part in Social Media podcast Episode 41 we have Gordon White,  Kyle Murdoch Kirsty Hunter, and Iain Murray.  This is the "Christmas Episode" and, whilst we do go "off theme" once or twice, it is generally a Christmas edition.  There's the usual lively debate and a very special treat at the end - We have Britain's Got Talent's Edward Reid's Christmas Single recorded for Aberlour Child Care Trust.

We've put the single on the podcast so that you can listen before you buy!  Yes, we want you to go to iTunes and download the single - every single penny raised will go to help the children supported by the great work done by Aberlour.  So, as a favour to the Social Media Podcast team, please buy a copy of the single (or the full EP) it's well worth the money.

As with recent episodes I have listed the topics in a slightly different way the feedback seems to be that you liked this method of highlighting the various topics we argue about.

On Social Media Podcast No.41 we discuss the following:
  • The New Twitter Business Pages 
  • @SantasPage - a fatBuzz experiment
  • Twitter - Are brands truly engaged with their Twitter followers?
  • Twitter - the new mobile App
  • Google - The new home page layout
  • Google+ - The new fatBuzz Google+ Page
  • The "Big" Storm - #HurricaneBawBag
  • Heineken's Christmas Tree - The giant TV Tree in Singapore
  • John Lewis and Waitrose - A collaboration with QR Codes
  • Christmas Apps - "Deck the Screens", Charlie Brown & Christmas List
  • The Story of Christmas - A Social Network Christmas
  • Iain's 3 stupid gifts - Listen and judge for yourself!
  • Iain's new Samsung Galaxy - and the much better iPhone4S!!!
  • Adobe - No further development of Flash Player on mobile devices
  • Monitoring Social media during the holidays
  • The fatBuzz Winter Gift - we reveal what it is
  • Android open a store - in Australia! 
  • Portable North Pole TV - ideal for the kids this Christmas
  • Aberlour Child Care Trust - the Christmas single with Edward Reid
We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

Play the podcast here:

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