Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My comedy debut

Lots of people have been asking how my stand up comedy debut went last Thursday night; I'm pleased to report it all went well. I' equally pleased to tell you I'm glad it's over, I rather think my debut and farewell took place simultaneously.

It was an extremely nerve racking experience for all four of us, not helped by the fact that we didn't actually start until 11pm, I suppose the organisers thought it better to let everyone get a good drink before we went on. That said, the audience of around 500 were very kind and supported all of us extremely well.

I was first up, followed by Gaynor Turner, Jack Konopate and Lorraine Herbison. It was a strange system used to judge the winners where the top two in the text voting (which had been taking place since the Monday) went through to be judged by the panel of three judges, Tam Cowan, Des Clark and one other (apologies, his name escapes me). Jack Konopate and I were the last two with Jack emerging the winner after Tam Cowan's casting vote went in his favour - it probably didn't help that my opening gag was at his expense!

Anyway, I think we were all winners; Jack, Gaynor, Lorraine and myself were truly petrified by the whole affair but we all managed to stand up and get some laughs and, over £40k was raised on the night.

Thank you, on behalf of all of us, for the text votes, the support meant a great deal to all of us and, when we see the cash raised for The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, it make the sleepless nights very worth while.

Below you can see the video footage of my comedy debut.


  1. Very Good. Well done you! Love the gag about the smoke alarm
    Being the dinner bell!!!!

  2. Thank you Kenneth, I'm pleased it's all over. Are you up for it next year?