Friday, 19 July 2013

Quick Buzz - Instagram vs. Vine

One thing we try to do here at fatBuzz, is keep our fingers on the pulse of all things social. This could come in the shape of a new app, Facebook updates, new features on Twitter, or tips from one of the team.

We’re sure most of you are familiar with photo sharing platform, Instagram; and we’re sure most if you also know about it’s update last month which allows users to capture and share video, as well as photos.

And those of you who are interested in capturing and sharing video through social media, we’re sure, will also have heard of Vine.

But, if there are some of you who aren’t aware of what we’re on about, let us quickly explain...

Instagram, the first to be released of the two, is owned by Facebook and was primarily a photo sharing platform. It’s a hugely popular platform which comes in the shape of an app, with 130 million active users.

At the beginning of 2013, Twitter launched an app called Vine. Unlike Instagram, Vine is a video sharing platform.

Vine allows it’s users to capture videos of up to six seconds in length, and can use stop motion technology to squeeze any amount of time into those six seconds.

When launched, Vine was a breath of fresh air, it was easy to use and great for sharing video content.

Then, along come Instagram with it’s big new feature, video. This put the two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, head to head, but who would win?

There are some significant differences to the two platforms though; while Vine offers six seconds of recording time, Instagram’s video allows 15 seconds.

Also, like it’s photo function, Instagram allows it’s users to add filters over their videos and also pick thumbnails for the videos from any frame within the video; Vine offers neither of these functions.

So, we’ve had Graeme in the office trying both out to see which he thinks is better. To find out his decision, watch our Quick Buzz on this very topic, and once you’ve watched it, why not let him know what you think is better by emailing him at

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