Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quick Buzz - What is Responsive Design?

How often do you use your smartphone or tablet to access a website? And how often is that website compatible with the device your using to view it?

Since the craze of the iPhone, Android phones and tablet devices began, more and more people have realised that they were losing traffic due to the fact that their website could not be viewed on mobile devices.

Over the years, the way that we view websites has changed massively. Building content was pretty straightforward; you had two browsers, rendering content in a very similar fashion.

Businesses started realising that they had to have a website that was accessible on all platforms, to make  its users time on their site a lot easier, no matter what they visited the site on, whether it be desktop, iPhone or iPad etc.

Ten years on and we had more browsers, more styling techniques, and ultimately, more permutations to design and build for. We not only have multiple browsers to contend with, we also have multiple platforms, with the introduction of tablets and smartphones.

It goes without saying that your site will display on all of the above, but, of course, you want it optimised for your audience. This is where responsive design comes in.

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Here's some examples of the site we've worked on that are now responsive

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