Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Social Media Podcast 57: Jennifer Holloway author of 'Personal Branding for Brits' talks about the book and your personal brand

In Social Media Podcast No.57 Jennifer Holloway, author of 'Personal Branding fro Brits', joins Gordon White, to discuss her new book.  

During the discussion we discuss why personal branding is so important to everyone.  Yes, everyone has a personal brand whether they know it or not and Jennifer explains her simple approach to personal branding.  Jennifer said, "it's not rocket science" and she demonstrates this with clear examples explaining what she's talking about, just as she does throughout Personal Branding for Brits.

You should listen to the podcast to find out why you need to be aware of your personal brand and the messages you are giving out to the people you meet. Whether you are a business owner trying to build a business or an employee trying to climb the corporate ladder, there's something to learn from what she has to say.

If you would like to meet Jennifer and hear her present on the subject of Personal Branding you should come along to one of the July New Media Breakfasts - Edinburgh (18th July) or Glasgow (26th July).  Jennifer will deliver her entertaining and informative presentation at both breakfasts and you will have the opportunity to buy a copy of Personal Branding for Brits (at a specially discounted price) and she will even sign your personal copy.

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