Friday, 22 October 2010

Social Media Podcast 28 now available - the legal edition with Valerie Surgenor

In edition 28 we are joined by Valerie Surgenor, MacRoberts LLP, fresh from her appearance on the New Media Breakfast panel. Valerie explains the meaning of "Libel Tourism" and why it has become much more prevalent. We also discuss ownership of Social Media Profiles in business, the implications of moderating social media content, employers using social media profiles for vetting potential employees and, the inadequacies of many employment contracts.

We also explore whether or not bloggers need to, or should be, trained in defamation and, could Facebook Places possibly get you sacked?

It’s a very interesting chat which goes of track occasionally to discuss challenges facing charities, Springer spaniels and cup cakes! Thanks to Valerie for her time and, we hope you enjoy this edition of Social Media Podcast.

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