Monday, 9 August 2010

Social Media Podcast Edition 24 - Sallie Goetsch talks about her work

In Edition 24 we are privileged to have Sallie Goetsch join us for a chat about her work and the current social media climate in the US.

Sallie is co-founder of Podcast Asylum, owner of The Author-izer and the Fileslinger Backup Blog.  She is also a ghost writer (having written her first novel at the age of 19). a linguist with special expertise in Latin and Greek and, she is a regular speaker at podcasting and social media conferences.

Sallie talks about her work with Podcast Asylum, Filesliger Backup Blog and Strategic Name Development, giving us an insight about her work in social media.  We also discuss the current podcasting and social media climate in the US and talk about her guest hosting on the FIR (For Immediate Release) podcast when she fills in for her good friend Shel Holtz.

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