Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Social Media Podcast 44 now available - the "P" Edition

The latest Social Media Podcast is now available for download with the usual banter and light hearted chat about all things social media. Taking part in Social Media podcast Episode 44 we have Gordon White,  Kyle MurdochKirsty Hunter, and Iain Murray.

One common theme seemed to be the letter "P" on this podcast - Pinterest, Pin-It and, Pages were just some of the topics.  I must confess immediately that I learned something since we recorded this podcast; when discussing Twitter's recent acquisition, Iain talked about "Posterious" which I questioned on the podcast thinking it should be "Posterus", which I've since found out could be from the Latin posterus 'following'.  In fact, we were both wrong; the name is Posterous.  Perhaps our friendly expert Linguist, Sally Goetsch can shed some light on what the name might mean?

We also discuss the launch of the new iPad 3 (the podcast was recorded the same day as the UK launch) and we ask why their didn't seem to be the usual buying frenzy surrounding this release.  In fact, we ask if the Glasgow Apple Store really needed the crowd barriers that were neatly stacked outside the shop which was well stocked with the new iPad even at 3pm on launch day.

The good news is that we managed to keep this podcast under one hour but, we still manage to cram in lots of chat from the world of social media including:
  • The iPad3 - Iain and I managed to sneak a look at the latest offering from Apple just before we recorded the podcast.  We also discuss the fact that there didn't appear to be the same buying frenzy this time around.
  • Unfortunately, Tesco don't honour online errors in the same way that Zappos did last year
  • ClikThis App
  • Still no natve Android Apps for DIGG or Pinterest
  • Posterous - we discuss the sale to Twitter, even if we do get the name wrong!
  • Facebook's IPO - Is it already reshaping Facebook.  We also mention how the disclosures are starting to filter through with recent acknowledgements that the number of unique users could have been overstated by 40 million and, the large number of pending law suits against them.
  • Facebook Timeline for Pages - the new Page layout and how that will affect the way some organisations operate their business pages
  • fatBuzz's new "Infographic" page on Facebook
  • Steve Jobs doll, we get a comprehensive answer courtesy of the Morton Fraser Podcast on Image Rights
  • Pinterest - Is it a 'girly' tool and what's making it so popular at the moment.  We also discuss the various copyright issues that are emerging around Pinterest
  • Influence measurements platforms like Klout - how accurate are they?  We look at various platforms such as: TweetReach, PeerIndex, Klout, Tweetstats, Crowd Booster, Twenty Feet and, My Web Career
  • Social Media Monitoring tools - are they overpriced?
  • ROI - will it become less of an issue for organisations?
  • Scheduled Tweets - good or bad practice?  Also, see Jennifer Holloways guest blog on this topic
  • Kony2012 - Is it all it appears to be?  Most of our team didn't really trust the video.
  • Consumption - How often do you watch 100% of a video or, read 100% of an article or blog post?
  • Tim Barlow from Attacat asks, "Are bloggers who charge contributors for guest posts right to do so? Is there better way to monitise a blog?"   We would like to discuss this in greater detail on Podcast 45 so, if you have an opinion please get in touch via the comments below. Or, perhaps you would be willing to come on the podcast and discuss it. Thank you to Tim for the suggestion.
We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

Play the podcast here:

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  1. As far as I can tell, the founders of Posterous weren't really drawing on Latin roots--they just wanted something with the word "post" in it, as in "post from anywhere," which is what you can use the service to do. Our ubiquitous use of "to post" as a verb meaning to publish (by affixing to a post) probably comes from Latin ponere, to put, the participle of which is positus, but it's a bit unclear, since English didn't start to use that word that way until 1650.

    I can't find any references to how the Posterous team came up with its name, but they appear to have appended a standard English adjective ending (think "thunderous") to the word "post."

    Interestingly, I've heard a number of people pronounce the "post" to rhyme with "cost". Of course, I also hear people pronounce "Scrib'd" to rhyme with "ribbed," which is a greater mystery to me, though both irk my pedantic little heart.

  2. Thank you Sallie, I just knew you would add something interesting about the name, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.