Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Social Media Podcast 36 now available...Sallie Goetsch the boxing referee

Social Media Podcast No.36 is slightly longer than the usual podcast but, well worth listening to.  Following Social Media Podcast No.34 (The boxing edition), Sallie Goetsch contacted us about the stats Iain and I were using to argue the case about Android vs iOS, she was concerned that we were not comparing like for like so, we invited her to explain.  In Social Media Podcast we enjoy some light hearted banter about the argument and Sallie explains the difficulty with statistics and why we should beware who is presenting them.

We also took the opportunity to have a conversation with Sallie about her work and some social media related issues, during the chat we discussed the following:
  • The power of podcasting as a communication tool
  • Sallie's forthcoming podcast workshop
  • Audioboo and other "simple" ways to podcast
  • The deterioration of the English language, bad grammar and people's fear of writing
I'm sure you'll find the conversation extremely interesting with a suitable balance of fun and serious commentary.  Following the interview I also comment on something that Sallie does very well and others do very badly; deciding when something should be said off-line as opposed to on-line.

The usual team of Kyle Murdoch, Iain Murray and myself (Gordon White) then go on to discuss a range of topics from the world of social media including the following:
  • Telstra's social media training progress
  • Social Media Policies - Link to examples on www.socialmediagovernance.com
  • The rising popularity of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) and how fatBuzz use Kimtag as a single QR Code linked to all of our on-line places
  • Personal branding and the importance of your reputation online - Link to www.reputation.com
  • The forthcoming New Media Breakfast on Personal Branding with Jennifer Holloway
  • EBay Shops - Does a 100% positive feedback rating add to the sales value of your EBay store?
These are some of the main things we chat about during the podcast.  In addition, we mention Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Cloud, LoveFilm, Audible.com and, Silverlight.

We also refer to a very useful piece of research conducted by Buddy Media which is available as a pdf download on Mashable - Facebook Engagement Data

Finally, we leave the podcast with an invitation to take a look at the latest marketing campaign from Range Rover for the new Range Rover Evoque.  We intend to discuss this on the next podcast so, please take a moment to have a look and make a comment about it before we record Social Media Podcast 37.

Play the podcast here:

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