Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Steve Jobs Doll and Image Rights questions answered...

In Social Media Podcast No.42 we raised the question of how the Apple Corporation managed to get a Chinese manufactured doll removed from the market. As is the case with lots of things we discuss on the Social Media Podcast, the question was left unanswered - until now that is!

Those of you who listened to the podcast will recall that we were going to seek some answers to this from our friends at Morton Fraser and they've done us proud by making it the subject of a whole podcast; and what a great podcast it is.

Morton Fraser Partner and Head of Services for Business Team, Austin Flynn is joined by Sam Price - Information Technology and Intellectual Property Lawyer and, Richard McMeeken - Senior Associate and Solicitor Advocate in Morton Fraser's Commercial Litigation team dealing with contentious intellectual property disputes. Austin, Sam and Richard take part in a fascinating discussion around the issue of Image Rights which starts with the case of the Steve Jobs doll but includes references to a number of other celebrities including: David Beckham, Elvis Presley, Diana Princess of Wales, Tiger Woods, Russell Brand, the Spice Girls, Eddie Irvine, John Terry, Max Mosley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and Alex Salmond.

During the discussion the team discuss the differences between US and UK Law and, the conflict between the European Court of Human Rights "Rights to Privacy" and "Rights to Freedom of Expression".

It is a truly fascinating look at the whole issue of Image Rights and well worth a listen. Rarely will a question raised on the Social Media Podcast be so well answered than it has been here by the Morton Fraser to to whom we are very grateful.

Please take some time to listen to the podcast and, if you enjoy this one, we are sure you will other podcasts released by Morton Fraser - You can subscribe to their podcast here.

You can listen to the Steve Jobs and Image Rights podcast here:

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