Saturday, 25 September 2010

Social Media Podcast 26 - Live form the "Question Time" New Media Breakfast

Edition 26 is a live recording from the 1st Anniversary of the New Media Breakfast.  The event was "Question Time" style with a panel of 5 answering questions from the floor and, questions sent in via Twitter, Facebook and email.

We had around 70 people in attendance who were treated to champagne or buckfizz on arrival to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the event.

Our panel included:
Valerie Surgenor, Senior Associate, MacRoberts LLP
Ben Rogers, Operations & Business Development Director, Attacat
Belinda Roberts, Managing Director, Winning Entrepreneurs
Gordon McIntyre-Kemp Managing Director, Intelligise
Gary Ennis Managing Director, NS Design
    Gordon White took the Chairman role for the event.

    We had a range of questions on a variety of subjects including the following:

    Can you explain the difference in my rights as a blog owner if I elect for a moderated or unmoderated blog?

    And, what defines a moderated blog? Is a blog deemed to be moderated if:
    • I choose to approve comments before they are posted
    • I use a spam filter
    • I delete offensive or, irrelevant posts

    We are seeing more and more video online. Will this eventually overtake the written word and how can we stay ahead of the game with videos online?

    What is the panel's advice for getting more people to view your video content?

    Is it possible to have a meaningful social media presence using just one platform? If so, which one?

    As a Non Executive Director of Scotland's largest Children's Charity Aberlour Childcare Trust we are working with fatBuzz to embrace and embed Social Media across our 47 locations in Scotland. What ideas do the panel have to help third sector organisations such as Aberlour get there opportunities, events and needs across to potential Staff, Volunteers, Individual Donors, Corporate Sponsors and Trusts?

    Can you offer any guidelines about what proportion of your marketing budget should be spent on social media?

    What content aggregator tools are available to assist with gathering and monitoring content?

    Does the arrival of Google Instant require any radical amendments to my search marketing strategy?

    I hope you enjoy the podcast and, if you have any comments or questions please leave a comment below or, on the fatBuzz Facebook Page.

    You can download or subscribe to the podcast here.

    Play the podcast here:

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    1. Hi Gordon, Looking forward to listening but in the meantime I'm glad to see that you are checking to see if I'm on the ball or not. Good news, I am! I spotted the missing link to Attacat ;)

    2. Sorry Tim, don't know how that happened, I usually double check I have your links in the posts.

      Friday was an excellent event, lots of good feedback about the format. The panel were all first class and lots of great comments on Twitter and to me via email.