Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Importing Wordpress to Blogger

At the New Media Breakfast on blogging in Glasgow last Friday I talked about the need to consider the transportation of your blog should you want to move it from one platform to another. I was under the impression you couldn't import a blog from Wordpress to Blogger and this was backed up by the information I checked on the attached screenshot taken from "Pulsed" blog which you will see was updated in June this year.

A young lady in the audience contested this fact and I agreed to check it out further and report back in the our blog. It appears both Pulsed and myself got it wrong, I found the following link to instructions on how to do this: Wordpress2blogger

Thank you to the young lady who pointed this out.  Also, my apologies, I didn't get a chance to catch her after the breakfast, perhaps she can post a comment here so that I can thank her properly for the advice.  I assume this is the App/process she meant, if not perhaps she will be kind enough to let us know if there are other ways to do this.


  1. I have trouble imagining wanting to move from WordPress to Blogger, but for those who do, it's nice that someone has provided a tool. The obvious move from is to self-hosted WordPress, and I REALLY can't imagine anyone wanting to go from self-hosted WordPress to Blogger.

  2. Sallie

    Thanks for the comment. Like you, I'm not sure that anyone would go from a self-hosted Wordpress blog to a hosted solution on Blogger; it hadn't even occurred to me that they would. I think this tool is maybe for people wanting to go from a hosted Wordpress blog to Blogger, perhaps the young lady can advise on this.

  3. Can you go from Blogger to Wordpress easily?

  4. Tim

    Yes, it's a fairly simple process. Sallie is the real expert here, perhaps she can tell us just how simple it is.

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  6. I've moved from self-hosted to blogger. Over the years I've had many sites across both platforms for different people and for myself.
    Blogger integration with all of the useful (albeit evil ;) ) Google products is great.
    Wordpress.come to is a no-brainer because blogger allows far more content in your sidebars for advertisement etc. Also, blogger has the ability to use far more templates than
    Back to self hosted though - for a personal blog, or even a community blog, the Blogger community is great. Far more interaction, no code-breaking updates to concern with. Blogger has changed a lot over the years and I must say for the better.
    Obviously for a more powerful business minded site, - self hosted, does a better job.