Saturday, 18 September 2010

Social Media Podcast 25 now available

Yesterday we recorded Social Media Podcast No.25 with a slightly depleted team of just Gordon White, Kyle Murdoch from fatBuzz and, Iain Murray from ConnectedFM - everyone else was off doing other things yesterday - perhaps they new we were doing it and deliberately got out of the office! Nevertheless, we had a great chat and managed to cover lots of topics.

We talked about the UK launch of Google places and the need to reset the privacy on your Facebook account with a brief description of how to do that. Google Instant also got a mention and we questioned whether this will affect search optimisation strategies in the future - we will follow this up by getting a comment from our search expert, Tim Barlow at Attacat.

Yesterday was the first time since the fatBuzz launch that we've had a live event where we were responsible for all of the design related work and the social media - so all three divisions (Design & Marketing, Social Media & Event Management) of the company were involved in a single event, we talk a little about that. And, we explain how we managed to use Twitter, some creative thinking and, some corporate branded cupcake boxes to raise an additional £1000 for the Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Sticking with nonprofits, we review "The Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine and discuss how some of the thinking in this book is extremely relevant to nonprofits and anyone involved in corporate social responsibility.

You will also notice we have an audio player at the bottom of this post; this was thanks to the advice of our last guest Sallie Goetsch. We explain her thinking behind this in the podcast - thank you Sallie.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and, if you have any comments or, you want us to discuss a specific subject in the future, please email us, send us a message via Twitter or, leave a comment on the fatBuzz Facebook Page.

You can download or subscribe to the podcast here.

Play the podcast here:

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