Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Five iPhone Apps To Consider

With Apple being on the media quite a lot just now, with new operating systems and new products, Social Media Account Manager, Graeme, thought he’d write about what he believes are the top five apps for your iPhone.

I was on my honeymoon when iOS7 was released, and due to having very limited access to wifi in Mexico, I had to wait until I was home to update my software.

Once I’d moved pictures and videos onto a laptop to free-up the necessary space iOS7 required, I was good to go.

Once the download and installment was complete, I was delighted; it’s almost like I’ve got a new phone.

Judging by what I’ve seen on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, I’m not alone in the pleasure iOS7 has brought apple customers.

And as the weeks have went on since the release of the new operating system, people have been drip-feeding tips and hints for ‘hidden’ functions on the system.

So, since the iPhone is the talk of the steamie just now, I thought I’d go through, what I believe, are the top five apps available for the phone.

Here are my top five apps for the iPhone:

1. Shazam

This music tagging app started out as a phone service (dial 2580 - which you can still do). Hear a song that you like while you’re out somewhere, but don’t know what it’s called or who it’s by? Just Shazam it!

When the song you want to tag is playing, simply open the app, touch the Shazam logo, and hold your phone to the speaker.

The app should tag it, tell you what it’s called and who it’s by. It even gives you the option to buy it from iTunes. Super app!

2. Twitter

By far my favourite social media platform, Twitter is great for learning celebrity gossip, arranging days/nights out with friends, and increasingly, I’ve found it a great source for news content.

With most journalists now having a Twitter account, you often find that they’ll tweet the news before official broadcasters report it.

Also, in the beginning, when I first started using the service, I found it a great way to find out who was who in the industry I wanted to work in; a great tool for making contacts in specific industries.

If you're into photography in any way, this is thee app if you. A great way to capture moments, and share them with your online community, Instagram can be both fun and artistic.

Although primarily a mobile app, there's a desktop version where pictures can be viewed, although not taken.

A picture speaks a thousand words. People are more likely to look at a photograph than they are to read a bunch of text, so this platform can be used as a great we to update you community with what you’re doing.

And of course, there’s the ability to add filters, borders and share your creations onto various platforms, making it truly social. A great app.

4. Football SC (Sky Sports Score Centre)

I’m a man who loves his football, so this is a MUST for me. I won’t tell you which team I support, but with them not being on the TV that much these days (big clue there), this is sometimes the best way to keep abreast of how they’re doing.

But there’s more; the app give you access to real-time scores for many leagues in many countries, also providing league tables so you can see where your team’s latest result has left them in the table.

Essential for those who can't make it to the match!

I like my news, so this is a must-have app for me. The BBC News app is pretty good, although not great. There’s quite a lot of choice on the app, but I’d like to see some more options available on it, like there is on the actual BBC News website.

Having said that, content is updated fairly regularly, and it comes packed with images and videos you can watch.

Moreover, there’s the ability to stream the BBC News channel, live, from inside the app, which is a nice touch.

Remember, these are only five apps, and there are are many more I wasn’t able to mention.

Some of you may also be surprised by some absences in my top five, the most notable being Facebook - it would definitely be in my top 10.

So, do you like my top five? Do you think my choices are nonsense? Is your top five better? What is it; I’d love to know? Email me your top five iPhone apps, listing why they’re in your top five, to In addition, you can also find me on Twitter, @Geddes16, so you can let me know there too - and don't forget to follow me while you're at it!

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  1. With Apple being on the media quite a lot just now, with new operating systems and new products, Social Media Account Manager, Graeme, thought he’d write about what he believes are the top five apps for the iPhone. See more iphone 5s features