Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Social Media Podcast 55 - Social Media and Employment Law - Are you taking the proper precautions?

The latest installment of the Social Media Podcast saw Innes Clark, Partner and Head of Employment Law at Morton Fraser, and Gordon White discuss the world of social media when intertwined with the world of employment.

Innes touched upon many topics - some of which even took Gordon by surprise.

For instance, we’ve all heard of employers wanting to take ownership of contacts an employee has amassed during his/her time with the company. Many, including Gordon, thought this would be rather hard to enforce, but Innes explained how such an occurrence could take place.

The example of contact ownership is just one instance. Innes told of how most employers aren’t actually up to speed with social media - with only around 25% of UK businesses having a social media policy.

Moreover, one of the most commonly used sentences on Twitter was also touched upon - views are my own. Innes explained how such disclaimers aren’t as watertight as you would think.

During the podcast, a number of case studies were touched upon, including one of a teacher in America who was fired because she refused to give the headteacher her Facebook login details - something which is actually against Facebook’s terms of use.

However, such an event shouldn’t happen, especially with the likes of data protection laws protecting the public in the UK.

Did you know more and more employers are using social media as a means to find suitable employees? The number of of potential employers using social media to influence their hiring decisions is incredibly disproportionate to that of candidates who don’t think what they post and tweet is relevant.

This shows more people need to take social media more seriously - either if you’re job-hunting, or currently in a job.

There are many other points and pitfalls which Innes and Gordon’s discussion touched upon. To listen to the podcast, just click on the player below.

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