Wednesday, 25 July 2012

We have SEO in the blue corner...

With the recent New Media Breakfast topic - Social Media vs. SEO The Face Off - Saw two experts in their respected fields square off to see who would be the winner !! Both sides got their own wee digs in here and there, but i think everyone agreed they came away with some great tips from both sides.

So What our competitors have decided to do is record their heaviest hits into short videos to add to our series of Quick Buzz videos.

Today we will be having a look into the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) corner with Tim Barlow of Attacat.

What is SEO ?

You’ve probably heard that SEO is about getting the right words into your pages and then going about getting other sites to link to yours. And it is, to an extent. But there is SO much more to it than that.

Good SEO

Getting the right words into the site involves looking at the site as a whole, the navigation structure, the user experience across the site and of course the technology behind it, frankly it can even mean changing the whole strategy behind the site sometimes. That's why SEO needs to begin when your site is just a twinkle in your eye.

 Create the No1 Resource

Want to be number 1 on Google. Simple: Create the best resource for a topic. Want to rank for employment law? Create the best resource you can on the topic of employment law. Want to rank for sheep dog breeders? Create the best site on sheep dog breeders. What could be more straight forward on that.

For more videos from Tim please visit the SEO Section on the fatBuzz TV Channel. 

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