Friday, 28 October 2011

FatBuzz Wear it Pink!

It's 'Wear it Pink' Day and things have certainly went pink in the FatBuzz office! We have joined our neighbours Orb Group to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Everyone has come to work today sporting their finest pink garments, Kyle went that one step further with his favourite pink bobbed wig! Our loyal mascot Vince has even turned pink for the occasion!

There are pink sweets, pink slippers and rumour has it pink fizz for after work! It's Friday after all...

Although we are having fun (and laughing at Kyles wig), the events of today are for a very worthwhile cause. Wear it Pink Day sets out to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and everyone taking part is making a difference to 'BE PART OF THE CURE'.

Is your office is taking part in the nationwide event? We would love to see you photos of 'Wear it Pink' day so post them on our page and the best one will win a wee FatBuzz prize...

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