Sunday, 9 October 2011

What's going on Facebook?

I originally posted the blog post below on the 26th September, at that time I had just claimed the username for the Kittoch Chair page with only one single "Like". This week we have been claiming usernames for clients and on some occasions we have been able to do it with less than 25 "Likes" and in others it will not allow us - truth is, we don't know what's going on!

I have found reference to this on Facebook which suggest you still need 25 "Likes" however, we have managed to do it this week with less than 25.  So, it is still worth trying to claim it as soon as possible but, if you are unsuccessful please remember to go back to Facebook Usernames and claim it as soon as you have 25 likes on your page.

It appears that you no longer need to get 25 "Likes" before you can claim your username on a Facebook Page.  Yesterday I managed to get the username for a new page we are working on with just one single "Like" - mine!

If you go to you will see there are only 7 likes on the page (at the time of writing this post). By the way, please "like" this page, we're going to do some fun things centred around these wonderful tartan armchairs - you should find it will be an interesting case study. (You will also be doing me a personal favour!)

So, there's no excuse for anyone not to have there own username for their Facebook Page - just go to and follow the instructions.

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