Saturday, 2 April 2011

A small favour to thank Kathleen please

My good friend, Kathleen McDermott is competing in "A Little Less Strictly Come Dancing" tonight at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow. You will be doing me a great personal favour if you take a minute to vote for Kathleen.

Kathleen is without doubt the most accommodating person I have ever met when it comes to giving up her time for charity and those less fortunate than herself. I have asked Kathleen on numerous occasions to help promote various charities and, without hesitation, she agrees to do it every time. She is currently an ambassador for Revive MS Support and With Kids and tonight she is dancing to raise money for The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice and, she gives her time generously to each of them and many others.

I know Kathleen has put literally 100's of hours of practice into her performance tonight and that's another endearing trait with Kathleen, if she says yes, she gives you 100%.

Please take a minute and give her your vote; you will be doing me, Kathleen and the hospice a great favour.

To vote please text DANCE K to 70100 all day today and, if you're voting after 6pm tonight please text DANCE KATHLEEN to 70100.

Finally, you will be doing me an additional favour by using the Facebook, Twitter and Share buttons below to share this post with your online community.


  1. Thank u so much Gordon, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me, love u loads!

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  3. Kathleen McDermott is really generous. It's glad to hear that she is dancing to raise money for The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

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