Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Social Media Podcast No.33 - The "New" edition

The "New" edition - the new iPad, new guest, new Groupon valuation, new job for Iain Murray, new words in the Oxford Dictionary...even a new Bride!

In Edition No.33 Gordon White and Kyle Murdoch from fatBuzz are joined by Iain Murray, Europa Sevices and a couple of guests, Tim Barlow and Kiril Bunin of Attacat. We recorded this podcast immediately after the New Media Breakfast in Glasgow on Friday 25th March. Kiril was the presenter at the breakfast and he delivered an extremely interesting and informative presentation on Conversion Rate Optimisation. Such was the quality of the information, most attendees seemed to be hot footing it back to the office to review the user experience on their web sites.

On the podcast we discuss lots of new things - the new iPad gets the thumbs down, Iain Murray has a new job, the Oxford Dictionary has some new words...we even discuss a new Bride - more about that when you listen to the podcast.

We talk about Crowd Sourcing, Coca Cola, Maroon 5, Gold Corp, Lynx new advert, Foursquare, Twestival, Twitter's 5th Birthday, Facebook Places, Cupcakes, Facebook Sponsored Stories and much more.

Kiril chats to us about his presentation and the importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation and, we talk about the need to get CEO's and senior management to 'buy in' to social media and how organisations who's top management have bought in are succeeding with social media.

We have decided to use a new hashtag for the Social Media Podcast #SMPodcast  We will be using the #SMPodcast to let you know when we're recording the podcast so that you can ask questions or suggest discussion topics. So, please follow the hashtag so that you can keep up to date with our recordings.

Finally, if you would like top be on a podcast either in person or, via Skype, please contact me at and we will try to get it organised.

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