Thursday, 29 September 2011

Social Media Podcast Edition 39 now available - Everybody's leaving Facebook again!!! Twitter kiss the Blarney Stone

Taking part in Social Media podcast Episode 39 we have Gordon White,  Kyle Murdoch and Iain Murray with the usual lively discussion. There's been lots to talk about since the last podcast, Mr Zukckerberg has seen to that.  So, as you would expect, the recent Facebook changes feature heavily at the start of the podcast but, we also find time to talk about a host of other topics.

For this episode I have listed the topics in a slightly different way and I would appreciate your feedback about whether this is better than the post Social Media Podcast No.38.

On Social Media Podcast No.39 we discuss the following:
  • Facebook - the changes so far
  • Facebook - more changes to come
  • Facebook - mobile platform
  • Google+ - should they be worried?
  • Facebook - privacy settings more important than ever
  • Personal Branding - more important than ever
  • Communities - how many people can you realistically engage with?
  • Twitter - Kissing the Blarney Stone
  • Scotland - should it become a tax haven?
  • Groupon - all's not well
  • Tumblr - what's Richard Branson up to?
  • JellyBook - like Groupon it's finding it difficult to do deals
  • Social Media Week - a success in Glasgow
  • Your social media - who controls it?
  • QuickBuzz - the new fatBuzz video tips
  • Facebook - scams
  • Linked-In - Is it the most improved platform?
  • Collaboration - It works, live with it!
  • Hashtags - powerful yet misunderstood
  • Direct Mail - It works, live with it!
  • Gordon's New Car - well done Victoria Beckham
  • Augmented Reality - is it on the wane
  • Hashtags - ours needs to be used more often #MediaPodcast
  • PressReader - still impressing Iain
  • Dodo Case - the most exclusive case in the World!
  • Apple - complaint about an AppleStore purchase from Gordon!
We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

Play the podcast here:

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