Sunday, 4 September 2011

Social Media Podcast 38 - Now available - Google+ and Iain's confession...

We are back after a short break during the holiday period, on Episode 38 we have Gordon White, half of birthday boy Kyle Murdoch, Kirsty Hunter and Iain Murray for some lively discussion and the usual measure of banter and disagreement!

We start with a chat about Google+ - could this be something that Iain and Gordon agree on? - You need to listen to find out!  We explore what Google+ is and who is it competing with and, is it one major social media platform too many?

Facebook has also undergone some major changes since the last podcast so we look at what's new here and what we can expect in the near future.  This discussion also questions how good, or bad, the big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google) are at actually communicating with their users - your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Other topics we explore along the way include:
  • Social Media in the workplace - are attitudes changing?
  • Iain confesses he's finding weaknesses with Android
  • Apple's customer service - is it the best you can get?
  • Steve Jobs and his retirement - Can he be replaced?
  • What's next for Apple?
  • App Stores - Are there too many around?
  • Widgets vs Icons
  • Coca-Cola's Facebook Fan Page was not originally set up by Coca-Cola which leads us to chat about the difficulty brands are having with talking to their end users for the first time.
  • IKEA's new television advert and how it is part of  a campaign that includes some very clever YouTube/Facebook promotion
  • QR Codes and their increasing popularity as predicted by Social Media Podcast 140 years ago!
We also give a big thanks to CC Chapman for the fantastic video introduction for the last New Media Breakfast and also to Jennifer Holloway for the first of her guest posts on the fatBuzz Blog.

Finally, we take a look at some Apps that have caught our eye including: Press Reader, News360, Nova, Optiscan, CatchNotes, Zinio and TouchNote.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

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