Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Facebook has biggest privacy overhaul in the company’s history

You may already be aware of the Facebook changes that have been rolled out  over the past couple of days. fatBuzz want to give you a brief overview of the main points and how the changes should affect you as a Facebook user.

As Mashable point out, the recent changes made by Facebook is one of the biggest privacy overhauls in the company’s history. So let us take you through the main changes.

On your profile
Before the changes most of the settings for content on your profile were a good few clicks away on a series of settings pages. Now, content on your profile, from where you are to your latest photo album, will appear next to an icon and a drop-down menu. This menu lets you know who can see this part of your profile, and you can change it with one click.

Other changes include the tagging system, in that you can now approve what photos are tagged of you before they go public. So if a friend tags you, you will be notified and you have the option of whether you want to allow it or not. Take a moment to read this blog post for a quick run through the changes and what they mean by clicking here.

Making it easier to share with who you want
The video below illustrates the changes to sharing your content and the enhanced choices that you have so you know who you are sharing with right next to what you are sharing.

Places Check-In Feed will be scraped 
Although this has not been rolled out yet, Facebook have confirmed that they will remove the 'Places check-in' feed from its mobile apps and interface. According to a Facebook spokesman has confirmed that rather than check-in, users will be able to add their city-level location or tag a specific Place in any post. So in other words, you wont actually have to be physically in a place to tag yourself there. This change will mean that it's likely to make it difficult to find exactly where friends currently are and meet up with them. Furthermore, those who currently enjoy checking in will probably just post status updates, tag their current location and friends who are with them, and add a description such as “Here at…”. However, some say that it seems unnecessary to remove the check-in feed and the ability to populate that feed by explicitly informing Facebook of one’s current location.

So there you have it folks, there are a whole lot of changes going on in the world of Facebook. But what we would like to know is how the changes have/will affect you? What are your thoughts on the changes? Do you think this is Facebook's way to try and keep ahead of Google+ or do you think these changes have been planned before the launch of Google+? Do you think this is a way for Facebook to remind everyone that they are at the forefront of social networking? Please let us know, we would love to hear your views, visit our facebook page to tell us your thoughts.

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