Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Social Media Podcast No.22 now available...and a solution for Steve Jobs

The Social Media Podcast team are back to discuss a variety of social media topics including: the iPhone 4 problems and our revolutionary solution - The iGlove.  Here we see Shona Lyttel modelling our solution to the current iPhone 4 problems.  This is a prototype with full iGlove branding in the fatBuzz pink — a truly wonderful solution for Steve Jobs.

We also discuss the successful launch of Connected FM's new networking site, Connect with FM and Iain Murray brings us his usual offerings from the world of gadgets, Apps and, software including: Poyzo,, the Wired iPad App, and various others.

The Buzz network from fatBuzz also launched last week and we discuss how that network will be used in a slightly different way from the Connect with FM network; a good example of how Niche Networks can be used in a variety of ways. 

It's often light hearted and always informative, this episode is well worth a listen.

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