Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Social Media Podcast No.21 now available

We have just uploaded the Social Media Podcast Edition No.21; the first podcast produced since we launched fatBuzz.

In this edition some members of the Attacat team (Tim Barlow, Ben Rogers and Joel Lumsden) talk about their recent presentations on search optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, Google Analytics and Facebook advertising. We enjoyed our chat with the Attacat team members and reviewing some of the points raised during the presentations.

We also discussed Kyle's new iPhone 4 and the teething troubles he endured during the registration process, we chat about Google Cafe and the rumours about Google Me and, we take a look at the forthcoming New Media Breakfast presentations in Glasgow and Edinburgh with Gordon McIntyre-Kemp.

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  1. As usual, one of my predictions bites the dust. About two weeks after re-pinning my colours to Google Wave in the podcast, Google pulls it!

    I still maintain that it's a good product though and I'm sure we will see many of the innovations of Wave come to life elsewhere in due course.

  2. Tim, I'm sure you're right, there was lots of clever stuff in Wave that will surface somewhere else.