Friday, 26 April 2013

Summary of April's New Media Breakfast

This morning fatBuzz MD, Gordon White, along with the rest of the fatBuzz team held April’s New Media Breakfast in 29 Glasgow.

The topic of our breakfast this morning was using Social Media to facilitate good Customer Service. It would be fair to say that those who attended this morning were hanging on every nugget of goodness we shared with them.

We touched on what Customer Service was like prior to the advent of Social Media, through to how the two used in tandem, and really work wonders for your business and brand.

We explained why we thought more and more consumers were taking to the world of Social Media when wanting to interact with companies. We also suggested how these businesses should respond to such contact from consumers.

To illustrate the points we’re making, Gordon made use of case studies, one of which was from this week, which you may have seen on the BBC News website. The case study was on how Virgin Media had sent a bill to a customer who had recently become deceased.

Gordon then went onto explain how he thought Virgin media should have dealt with the situation, and pointed out the areas in which the company went wrong.

The fatBuzz team also touched upon the importance of getting members of staff involved in using Social Media platforms.

Examples of poorly handled Customer Service situations via Social Media were countered by rays of light from the likes of La Lanterna and Zappos.

If you’re involved in business and wish you’d been able to attend this morning’s breakfast, but weren’t able to, fear not. We’ll be repeating this breakfast in Lanarkshire on Thursday 16 May.

This event is still open for people to sign up to attend. Rest assured, this is a breakfast that could really open your eyes to the endless possibilities and opportunities that can enhance the Customer Service at YOUR business.

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