Monday, 18 March 2013

We're supporting Britain's Got Talent winner, Jai McDowall

There's very rarely a dull moment at fatBuzz, but today' we've got some very exciting things happening.

We've been working very closely with Britain's Got Talent Season 5 winner, Jai McDowall, on the release of his new single and assisting him with his social media while he's on his Up Close and Personal Tour around Scotland.

So what's the exciting news ? Well, as we said before we're working with Jai towards the release of his single "Got To Let Go" on May 5th, but today he releases the music video for the single.

Last week we met up with Jai, and he told us a little bit about the single and even gave us a sneak preview of the video.

After this was released his fans were bursting with anticipation to see the full version, and we can see why. So without delaying any further here it is, Jai McDowall's single from his second album, Got To Let Go.

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