Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Content Explored...Angels' Share, Olympics 2012, Dragon's Den and 50 Shades of Grey

This is the second 'Content Explored' blog post where we look at how fatBuzz clients are using Content for marketing and awareness building. The first post was very well received; I hope this one will provide some inspiration and ideas for your own content.

The following examples are from recent social media activity by a number of our clients.  Where possible, I have provided links to each so that you can actually see the comtent and how it was used and shared.

Angels' Share
I'm going to start with a lovely blog posted earlier today by Dean's entitled, "The Angels’ Share - of Whisky and Dean’s Shortbread". The post is about the care and attention that goes into the baking process at Dean's; this would be a good post at any time, they genuinely do take great care over the production of their products and they have a fantastic story to tell. However, Dean's cleverly associated this with the recent release of the film, 'Angels' Share' which is centred round the 2% loss of product during the maturation process in whisky making.

Like in the film, Dean's lose up to 10% of the ingredients to evaporation during the baking process; this could be reduced if they baked the shortbread faster, but that simply wouldn't be Dean's.

This blog post prompted me to write today's 'Content Explored' post about how you can use the calendar and events as a source of material for your content; Dean's tapped into the film and its storyline, you should look for any similar opportunities.

London 2012
Along the same lines, our friends at Morton Fraser tapped into the enormously successful London 2012 Olympics by creating a special blog to feature the Olympic Sports in the run up to the event. The blog was extremely successful and highlighted their expertise and services offered by the Sports and Tourism Team. Some of the posts from the blog were published as articles in newspapers and magazines and Morton Fraser got the credit.

Morton Fraser also created podcast content looking at issues associated with hosting the Olympic Games.

This is one of our favourites: Mitchell's Dairy in Inverurie placed an 'A' Board outside their shop with the simple message, "Good Luck Hannah" ahead of Ms Miley's Olympic swimming event. They then took a picture of the 'A' Board and uploaded it to their Facebook page - this post, and the subsequent 'well done' posts, received massive support with in excess of 1100 likes and lots of comments and sharing.

This example serves as a useful reminder that content can be a simple thing like a snap shot taken in the spur of the moment - who would have guessed this would have created so much engagement?

50 Shades of Grey
On a much lighter note, our friends at John Dick and Son created a light-hearted post entitled, "Shades of Grey at John Dick and Son'. This post tapped into the incredible popularity (at least with half the population) of the book, '50 Shades of Grey'. They also ran a small competition on their Facebook page to sum up the book in three words - the winner received a lamp (with a grey shade!).

Following on from this, they created a blog post during the Olympics entitled, 'Gold, Silver or Bronze...be inspired'. This post featured some of the metallic finishes they have available in wall coverings and fabrics, cleverly tapping into Olympic fever.

Dragon's Den
During the last series of Dragon’s Den the contestants were tasked with finding deals to be sold on the Groupon site; this presented a clear opportunity for our clients, Today's Great Deal. During the programme they posted messages on Facebook to invite their community to say which of the deals they liked so that Today's Great Deal could source similar deals in Glasgow and Edinburgh - they got over 200 comments on the Facebook pages during the one hour programme

All of these are great examples of how you can use special events and regular calendar events to create content; is there something coming up that you can tap into for relevant content? Perhaps the forthcoming Bank Holiday, September Weekend, the Ryder Cup, or the Commonwealth Games in 2014?

Please also bear in mind it needn't be a major event; if you are a local business, tap into local events or an industry event that is specific to your target audience.

If you would like to discuss your content strategy please give us a call or drop an email to hello@fatbuzz.com, we will be delighted to have a chat.

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