Friday, 11 February 2011

New Facebook Pages - What are the changes?

Some interesting changes to Facebook Pages have just been introduced today and, they're much as we predicted in our Social Media Podcast No.29 recorded back on 21st December last year.  Here are some of the main changes:

Switching Accounts
You can now use Facebook as a Page or as a personal profile so, you now have the option to post to your Page using your personal profile rather than as the Page Admin.

This is one that will please most people.  You can now get email notifications when people post or comment on your Page so, now no need to constantly check for activity, you will be notified (optional).

News Feed
There is now a news Feed on your Page.

The tabs are now down the left hand column.  Along the top of the page there is now a feed from your photos.

Pages can now "Like" and post on other Pages.

It looks like .fbml pages are now reducing from 520px wide to around 492 - 493px wide.  This will mean anyone using splash pages and welcome pages will need to resize their images otherwise the right hand side will cut off.  if you are a fatBuzz client, we will do this for you but, it may take a day or two because we have so many to change over.
Update 11.15am on 11th February: Thank you to Stephen K Knight (@FanPageGuru) who sent me a message on Twitter, apparently the width issue may be a bug in the Facebook coding and the width will be 520px as it was before so, please don't amend your .fbml page widths just yet)

Full Rollout
The Pages can be switched over to the new layout now however, the full automatic switch to the new Pages will take place on 10th March.

We will be exploring all of the changes in more detail over the next few days and we will let clients know if anything affects them or, what new opportunities are available to you as a result of the changes.

If you have any questions about the changes please ask in the comments box below or, email me at

Listen to Social Media Podcast No.29 here:

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  2. Ah, but what about last night's announcement on iFrame tabs - at last! Looks like you need to set up an App first as a 'developer' and then go from there, but it's a step by step process that should be easy enough to implement.

    Then it's a case of building website templates that can fit in that iFrame space and get site content into Facebook without much fuss.


  3. Dan

    Apologies for the delayed reply and, thank you for your comment. Yes, it's another good addition although I haven't had much time to potter with it yet. I have been using the "Shop Now" app on my "bobby" page - Gordon White's Art Page and it seems to be working fairly well.

    I would love to hear how you get on with iFrames in the future - perhaps you'll be kind enough to keep the readers up to date.

    Thanks again.

  4. Spell check strikes again! My comment should of course read "hobby" page, not "bobby" page - i don't know what a "bobby" page is!!!