Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Facebook change the rules...but should you change your strategy?



Two weeks ago I announced at the Edinburgh New Media Breakfast that the September breakfast topic would be about Competitions - we wanted to help people understand more about the strategy, purpose and goals when running competitions.

The decision to do this was the subject of much debate in the office, primarily because of the difficulty interpreting the Facebook rules about competitions and promotions. We knew it would be a potentially difficult topic but we decided to tackle it anyway.

I spent much of last weekend reading up various resources specifically about the Facebook rules and finding examples of competitions and promotions that were compliant and non-compliant with the rules.

Last night they changed the rules! Read the announcement from Facebook

Facebook announced significant changes to the rules last night making it a whole lot easier to run competitions and promotions in the future. Never mind, it will give us much more time to focus on the real issue - how to get value from your competitions. Too many organisations are running competitions with no real strategy or purpose, often all they are doing is building an irrelevant following and missing the opportunity to capture data or create meaningful engagement.

Details of the next New Media Breakfast for Edinburgh are already available and the Glasgow details will be posted soon - first we have to do the Pinterest and Instagram breakfast this Friday. Interestingly, both these platforms offer brilliant opportunities for competitions and promotions and real engagement - why not come along and find out how?

Here is a link to details about Friday's breakfast or you can use the button below to book your place ...More details

Venue: 29 Member's Club, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow
Date: Friday 30th August 2013
Time: 7.35 for 8am


If you are a 29 Member you can attend the breakfast free of charge. Please email with you membership number and he will add you to the attendance list.

We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day.

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