Thursday, 23 June 2011

Social Media Podcast No 37 The Facebook Edition...and other things!

Let me say from the outset that we made a cardinal error with this podcast - Gordon White, Kyle Murdoch and Iain Murray all gathered to record this episode at the appointed time, sat down to discuss (very roughly) what we would talk about then discovered no one had brought the recorder! Fear not, fatBuzz usually find a fix for such problems and we actually recorded it via one of our large Sony cameras.

The edition does tend to focus a lot of Facebook; largely because we had just completed three "Facebook for Business" New Media Breakfast in the preceding six days! In that period we had all attended the Entrepreneurial Exchange Conference at Gleneagles where much of the speaker's content was about the use of social media in their businesses.

We also discuss the relevancy of your community and the need to develop a following that is relevant to your business and, the usefulness of Twitter and Facebook Lists.

We talk about a couple of influential social media business people, Michelle Mone of Ultimo and Richard McKay of Richard McKay flooring.

Other subjects include:
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